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You have been asking where it is that you can go to see more of our hair combs, more of our hair spirals, more of our hair lacers, etc. You have been asking for access to a Website, please! So, here we are! We have opened our online store: 

You can now shop with us 24/7. *Please let us know if you would like more photos posted of certain items you may be interested in*

Please explore each unique product collection by using the menu bar at the top of the pages. We have several hairwear original collections for your viewing. Note: Our items are all handmade, one-of-a kind, so no two are *exactly alike*. 

We have included a VIDEO section, featuring helpful product HOW TO photos, tutorials and instructional videos. 

Step-by-step paper instructions with pictures and illustrations are included with each product purchase.

We will keep adding more new items to the Website as we get them made. So keep checking back! Enjoy!

Go to our INSTAGRAM for lots more how-to videos and photos! 

INSTAGRAM: hairwearoriginals